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The Bunbed Dog Bed

Unique Bun Shaped Dog Bed

If your dog or pet likes being "squished" (between cushions, legs, pillows) then they will love the Bunbed. Dachshunds and other dogs will enjoy the support and cushioning the bed provides. The buns support their head/neck area. Dogs also enjoy digging in the "groove" (middle) of the Bunbed.

happy dachshund in bunbed

More about Bunbed

The Bunbed was originally created for dachshunds, but would be loved by most small dogs, cats and even rabbits (yes). All beds are hand-made with care and attention to detail.

We also recently introduced two new sizes and a new design. The MiniBun (for extra small dogs, rabbits, and other tiny animals), and the MegaBun (for larger dogs up to about 50 lbs). We also have a Bunbed with built-in, fleece-lined cover for extra warmth and snuggling.

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